Our Church

Pastors: Dr. Rick & Karren Farley
The Vision of Martinsburg Christian Center is to provide the Martinsburg area with a Church reaching all ethnic and cast groups, as this is accomplished to provide a teaching center to train Christians to turn our community to Christ!
"We take time to Worship the Lord!
We praise God or what He has done for us as a church here in Martinsburg. The church was started May 1980 in a store front building at 432 W. Martin Street by Pastor Rick Farley with his wife, Karren and family. 
Rev. Farley felt the call to Martinsburg to pioneer a church, so the building was rented and services started and God began to bring together a congregation.  Then in 1985 the congregation purchased the current building at 300 East Stephen Street.
A Place of Friendship
Nothing quite compares to the joy of Christian friendship. That's why we make it a priority to build lasting bonds between the members of our church family--bonds of concern and genuine commitment to one another. Best of all, this circle of care is ever widening. We'd love for it to include you, too.
A Place Of Learning
To us, studying the Bible vital because it not only instructs us intellectually but also guides us spiritually. We believe it and accept it as God's Word to man, a Book alive and relevant to life today. Learning its truths is a thrilling adventure.
A Place For Service
Just as Jesus Christ came "not to be ministered unto, but to minister"... we accept our responsibility to reach out in service to others. This applies both within the church family and outside our fellowship.
A Place Of Worship
The Primary reason we meet together is to focus our attention on God, giving Him our worship and receiving His blessing and inspiration. Each of these occasions is special time of spiritual refreshment. We hope this is what you experience today, and we certainly hope to see you very soon.

Our Core Values
These values lay a foundation for who we are and what we hold dear. They undergird the vision and decision-making of the church. They are our roadmap for ministry and goals. These values dictate our focus and primary goals for ministry, and must be marry with the vision of the church to provide adequate purpose to the work.
  1. Without God showing up, we are nothing:  We believe that people are desperately hungry for God.  Therefore, we strive to experience God in every situation where people from The Christian Center meet together. As unchurched people experience God with us, they are drawn into a more intimate relationship with Him.
  2. Relationships are more important than programs:  The foundation of all effective ministry and growth is born out of relationship with one another. As we partner together with like-mindedness; we compliment, strengthen and hold one another accountable in our personal lives and ministry.
  3. People are invaluable and irreplaceable:  The biblical model declares that every person is created with purpose and meaning. Each one is uniquely created with gifts and purpose. The role of apostolic leadership is to recognize individual's giftedness and provide the training and opportunities necessary for them to begin to function in those purposes (Eph. 4:11). This is not a "lone ranger" ministry paradigm. The model for ministry must be to align people with their God-given destiny to do the work of the ministry.  There are many pastors, teachers, helps and administrations in the church. We must equip them and then release them to do the work of the ministry.
  4. Irrelevance is irreverence:  We must communicate the message of the Gospel in a way that the culture will clearly understand. Our lifestyle must demonstrate the practical life of Christ, in a real way. We must be accountable to Christ in His commission to reach the harvest.
  5. Pray like everything depends on God:  The foundation for personal devotion to God, family and ministry is found in intimate communication with God. We desire to grow as a church body in both personal and corporate prayer and intercession.
  6. Every person was created for a purpose:  The overriding purpose for a church plant is to effectively reach the city for Jesus Christ, to identify needs and meet them. Our first priority is to serve those within our sphere of influence  through innovative outreach and lifestyle evangelism, then to be responsible to reproduce.
  7. We must reproduce to change the world:  Every living thing that is growing and mature reproduces; Christianity is no exception to this rule. We believe that everything within the body of Christ should multiple within its "kind." Christians will reach new Christians and leaders will develop new leaders.
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MCC is an affiliation with the Pentecostal Church of God, an international organization headquartered in Bedford, TX.