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Attitudes of Great Leaders exposes the attitudes of some of Israel's greatest leaders men who served a great king and produced great exploits while fulfilling their own destines. You will see what attitudes governed their actions and how they dealt with their emotions and faced their own conflicts. See how a leaders change of attitude can change the actions of his entire team.
This book brings out the attitudes that produce a team loyalty and give common purpose. What are the forces that destroy a good team from within? You will learn about some of the attitudes that can disqualify a good team member and see what results when trust is betrayed.
This book can assist a leader in choosing a team with the proper attitudes to assist and promote his vision while they fulfill their own destiny.
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Dr. Farley's Newest book God's Standard-Bearer is now availableGod's Standard-Bearer is a clarion call to leaders today, to return to the moral and ethical standard that God has set for leaders. It is a cry in the wilderness to a society that finds itself in corporate and ecclesiastical corruption, at nearly every turn. Chapter by chapter this book discusses God's standards for leaders in away that is interesting and easily understood.This book takes a look at the qualities that disqualified men from leadership,when God set forth His standard for the priesthood.The author takes the allegories of the past and translates them into our modern leadership society. God is looking for Standard-bearers.  He is looking for you. 
God's Standard-Bearer is a sobering call to return to the moral and ethical standard that God has set for them. It is a call to everyone, every Christian from leadership to pew. It is a cry to a society that is drowning in corporate and ecclesiastical corruption. 
Chapter after chapter discusses God's standards for leaders in ways that are interesting and easy to understand. Pastor and author Rick Farley takes an in-depth look at the qualities God set forth as His standard for the priesthood. These personal and spiritual qualifications of the past are translated into our modern leadership society allowing today's leaders to determine what is acceptable and what is not. 
No one should fool himself! If anyone among you thinks he is "wise" (by this world's standards), he ought to become a "fool"-then, he can become truly wise (1 Corinthians 3:18 PEB). 
Being God's standard-bearer is one of power and strength, but also of humility and moral conduct. God is seeking those who will resist the temptations of the evil one and stand strong for His righteousness-for His name's sake, and the sake of our children and grandchildren.  Are you ready?
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