We have a lot of things to be thankful for. 
Christ's birth a celebration of His love for us. 

This blog is by my wife Karren. I read her letter to the Ladies of the District and said to myself, this is a great devotion. So thanks Karren and here it is:

I was looking out our back door a few moments ago realizing that a month ago I would be admiring the green forest, even the honeysuckle that was wrapping itself around weeds, trees, raspberry bushes. If I wanted to take a walk in the woods there was no way that I could do so unless I used a blade to cut a path for me. Now all the green foliage is gone, at this moment it looks desolate. All the beauty is gone for now. I noticed how some of the branches were not growing up towards the sky but twisted every which way, until it was reaching towards the heavens. The branches had other trees in the way, so it would twist and turn until it had sunlight. A tree down the road has one of the limbs straight out a couple of feet then it is reaching towards heaven. In a few years we may be able to put a swing on it for the Grandkids to swing on.

It made me stop and think about our Christian walk. If we get off of the path that is pleasing to God, then we get caught up into situations we shouldn’t. Living a Christian life takes dedication and daily crucifying our will and flesh. I am so grateful that Jesus died for all of us and when we find our selves stretched in the wrong direction all we need to do is reach our hands out to God and He will put us on the right path.

Bishop Farley