Our Ladies Luncheon

Its Good Friday today..... Sunday is coming.... Celebrating our Risen Savior.  We will be streaming live with Pastor Karren and Bishop Rick Farley tag preaching..... you don't want to miss Sunday Service.
We had a wonderful ladies luncheon at the Olive Garden. Its always great to fellowship with each other.  Our two servers were so respectful taking care of us, when Susanna said the "Blessing" the two servers bowed their heads with us. Wow!

We shared information about the Ahikam Children's Home fire and the needs they have and the purpose of the Alabaster Offering in the month of May.

Pastor Karren..... such a ham.
Choices, Choices! Margaret & Eleanor
Rita, Melody, Tara, Becky
Sis. Frankie (Mama Farley), Rita, Melody, our server
Susanna, Gidget, Susan,Sally
Judy.....Judy....Judy.... hates her picture taken but loves Pastor Karren
Judy, Monica & Susanna, Sally
Monica, Susanna, Gidget, Susan, Sally, Becky
Our server.... can you tell she was excited, Margaret checking out the menu.
Rita, Melody, Tara, Becky, our other server, Susan, Gidget