Tuesday Momentum 07-24-12


Bishop Farley ministered on the topic of Giving God Your Brokenness. Then an invitation was given for prayer. The Holy Spirit really met people at their particular point of need, in this morning service.

Sunday night the Bishop preached a follow-up message from last week. Breaking free from the yoke of bondage. This sermon was on how to have your own personal Revolution, and overthrow Satan in your life. Those who keep you under bondage, do not willingly give you your liberty, you must stand up and take it!
1. Stand up to the oppressor and declare your intentions.
2. Confess your freedom, and walk like you are free. (They overcame him by the word of their testimony.)
3. We are free because we love the word, so fill up.
4. Walk by faith and not circumstances
 Candid Photo’s from both services