Tuesday Momentum 07-10-12

Sunday Morning
This Sunday we were blessed by the Holy Spirit in worship and preaching by Dr. Steve Anderson, of School of Bible Theology, Seminary and University. He spoke in the morning about the power of testimonies. 

Graduations Service
Then at 3:30 pm we started the graduation service for Hope Institute. This year there were seven graduates, six were able to attend and receive their degrees. They were Rev. RC Coyle, Rev. Robert Harris, Melody Choiniere, Annette Cooper, Nathan Farley ,George Riddick and Samuel Taylor.
Nathan Farley speaking at graduation service

Robert won the bear for getting 144 day of prayer correct.
RC Coyle receiving his Bachelors of Theology
Bishop (Dad) & Nathan (Son) celebrating!

Melody receiving her Associates Degree in Thelogy
George Riddick receiving his Associates Degree in Theolgy
Melody Choiniere, Annette Cooper, & George Riddick
The Class of 2012
Candid Shot
Dr. Bishop Farley, Pastor Karren Farley, & Dr. Steve Anderson
The Coyle Family: Beck, RC & Mom
Graduating Class of 2012

Packed out place
Worship time

The Farley Family
Dr. Steve Anderson & Bishop Dr. Rick Farley
Graduation Class rocking in worship!
Dr. Steve Anderson worshiping!
Pastor, Rev. Karren Farley rocking the house leading worship!
Revival is Here
The Hope Institute Revival begins tomorrow July 10, 2012 at 6:30 pm at the Martinsburg High School. The revival was given air time on the Apostles Call, WEMP radio, Channel 25 TV Live, and the Journal.