Tuesday Momentum 06-05-12

Saturday Duane McKee invited everyone over for a picnic at his house. Everyone one had a great time, thanks Duane.
Bishop ministered in the morning service on Psalms 1:1-3 on “How to become a tree planted by God.” When you are planted, it is the one who plants that is responsible for the needs of the plant. He fights off the insects, worms and animals that would harm you, until you can stand on your own. You are nourished by the irrigation streams that He prepares to water you roots and give you life in all seasons.
Joey placed a clothes hanger in the box. Ms Karren spoke on how she had laid our her outfit for Sunday Morning and when she started getting dress, it was too big. She when through a lot of outfits before deciding to wear the one she had on.
Sometimes things don’t go the way we have them planned and we have to make adjustments. We cannot allow those things to get us down. But just trust Jesus to show us what to do.
This Friday and Saturday is the Celebration in the Park. It begins at 11 am and continues until 9:30 pm, both nights. Come out and participate with us. Check Our Events Page for full schedule!
Ladies Bible Study is at 1 pm on Thursday the 14TH at the church.
Spirit night for July Revival 5 pm to 6pm at Chic Fil-A in Martinsburg. They will give a donation to the revival fund, for every meal purchased with a coupon. See Sister Melody for coupons.
Wednesday at 7pm is Children’s Bible Study, bring your children out.
My grandkids love it!
Wednesday night Adult Bible Study is at 7pm. Intercessory prayer is at 6 pm. Everyone is welcome.