Tuesday Momentum - 03-27-11

Apostle Coyle ministered in the morning service on the topic of “Imagination”. He spoke on the difference between vain imaginations and good imaginations, which are many times the seed of vision and direction. God created imagination to help man succeed and be creative. He used the illustration of someone saying something to you, that is misunderstood and then you begin to think on all the things that they have done. That you didn’t appreciate and as you continue you develop vain imaginations and these begin to control your reaction to that individual.
He ministered in the evening service on “Magnification.” One point was how to magnify the lord in you life, instead of your problems.  Both messages were great and are available on CD if you are interested, please see Pastor Farley for a copy.

It was great to have Pastor Dance and Margaret back with us from vacation. Pastor Dance sang a beautiful special in the morning service.

Rev. Mike Criss sang “I Can Sleep!” (a song produced by Nathan and Mike) in the evening service. Below are some pictures of Mike involved in the song!  
Mallory surprised Ms Karren by putting a Tennis Shoe in the box . This is the first time that the shoe box has had a shoe placed in it, since the beginning of the box sermon in 1991. Karren spoke on God wants you to run for Him. Children need to share about Jesus in their schools . Jesus wants you to walk, talk, and tell people about Him, as you go running around and playing.  

“He’s Alive Concert" This Saturday March 31st at 7 pm.

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