Tuesday Momentum - 03-20-2012


Bishop ministered on the Blood of Jesus and how we are now a kingdom of priest. He stated that we need to apply the blood in our daily lives. The priest used to apply the blood literally, now we speak the blood of Christ, that was shed for us. Rev. 12:11
  We surprised Nathan Farley in the morning service with a song he had written as a poem, when he was in Federal Prison last year. It was given to Mike Criss to write music to the lyrics. The song “I can Sleep” was premiered by Mike, to Nathan's surprise and the congregations. Karren is shedding tears of joy as she watches her son’s reaction.

You can hear a clip of Bishop message and the song at Our Facebook Page
Nathan hearing his poem in song!
Mike Criss singing the song

Singing - I Can Sleep
Sunday School


Troy brought a bottle of hand sanitizer in the box. Ms Karren sprayed some on her hand and said “it really stinks, Phew!”

You may be pretty, but you can do things that stink. She asked, “What happens to you when you do something that stinks?” One child said, my daddy washes my mouth out with soap, if I say a bad word.” Satan makes things look pretty nice, things in life can look pretty, but can lead you down the wrong path.

Sunday evening was movie night. We showed the movie, Courageous. A pop corn maker was donated to the church.
Bishop making pop corn for the movie
Rev. Coyle and Rev. Criss ministered at a church in Berkeley Station. God’s spirit came down in a wonderful way and many were touched by Apostle RC’s testimony.

Events coming in March!

Women’s Bible Study at MCC, this Saturday the 24th at 1 pm.

“He’s Alive Concert on Saturday March 31st at 7 pm

This Wednesday, One of our missionaries, Sister Sue Garges, will be sharing her ministry at 7pm in the fellowship hall.

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