Tuesday Momentum-03-04-12

Apostle RC ironing curtains for the church  window. A humble servant of Jesus!
Friday night college class

 Church volunteer luncheon at Hoss’s Steakhouse. (everyone is not in the picture.)

Bishop ministered in the morning service on the Ascension. He said that when Jesus was received by the cloud, that the disciples knew what that meant and it brought great joy to them.
The cloud throughout the Old Testament always represented the presence of God. The disciples understood that now a man, their friend was now in the presence of God, to represent them. Now the second Adam had restored the ability to come into the presence of God, the Father.

Candid shots from church



Edyn Farley brought a grabber in the box and said I got you this time. Ms Karren said, God knows how to get your attention and gets a hold of you.
Each of you can make a difference in your school, when you get a hold of God. Grab Him and pray for safety in school. I want you to pray, you are not too little to pray. God wants your attention. ( She had fun grabbing the children with the grabber.)

Events coming in March

Bishop is speaking at Destiny Church Men’s Breakfast Saturday the10th at 9am. All men are invited to attend.

MCC Men’s meeting on the 17th at 10 am in church fellowship hall.

Women’s Bible Study at MCC, on the 24th at 1 pm.

“He’s Alive Concert on Saturday March 31st at 7 pm

Movie Night at MCC Sunday evening March 18th at 7pm

Wednesday March 21, Sister Sue Garges, missionary will be sharing her ministry, at 7pm.