Tuesday Momentum-02-28-12

Wednesday night Bible Study 
The attendance is increasing, if you haven’t attended you need to come on out and give it a try at 7 pm.

Our worship team. Thanks you for doing such a great job. Bro. Lenny Reese played the drums during Mikes special.

It was a great day to be in church worshipping our Lord!

Ordination Service
Pictured below are those being ordained by RPCM ministries.
Not pictured is Apostle RC Coyle presenting everyone with their Ordination papers.

Box Sermon
Selena placed a Piggy Bank into the box and sister Karren said, “There are all kinds of stories about piggy’s. However the most important story you will ever hear is not about pigs, but Jesus. Why are so many people scared about the name and stories about Jesus? Children, Jesus is the answer!”

Sunday Evening
We had our first MOVIE NIGHT! The film was the Grace Card! It was a lot of popcorn, soda and relaxing. With a great message about grace in the film.