Tuesday Momentum-02-21-12

Sweetheart Dinner February 20, 2012
The sweetheart dinner was a lot of fun. Sister Luanne came up with really great questions for the couples. We had two winners, which are pictured above; Ed & Margaret Dance, and Nathan & Tara Farley. The Couples won a night at the Comfort Inn.

Ed & Margaret and Nathan & Tara

Pastor Dance ministered in the morning service on the topic of Black History. His message was very moving and direct. He covered stories from his life of racism he experience and stories from his parents. He also ministered on the accomplishments and contributions, to American society given to us by African Americans. At the conclusion of his message Bishop Farley was impressed by the Holy Spirit to wash Pastor Dance’s feet and to ask forgiveness for the atrocities that they had experienced at the hands of the white race.

Sunday evening service was an exciting service, preached by Bro. William Plowden. Many from other churches came to support him and hear him preach. His message was stirring and timely. (Camera was not available for pictures.)

Box Sermon
Anna placed a Unicorn in the box. She told Sister Karren that she could use it to play on the computer. Sister Karren stated that somebody invented this! What are you praying that God will let you invent.
This Unicorn is not real, but Jesus is real and alive. He wants you to pray today “Jesus what do you want me to create!” God has put dreams in you, children, that could change the world.

Women’s meeting this Saturday the 25th at 1 pm. Ladies it is time to renew your Women’s membership. The fee is $3.00, please see Sister Karren.