Tuesday Momentum-02-07-12

Bishop ministered on the question that God asked Moses, “What is that in your hand?” He stated that God was asking Moses, to look at who he had become, because Moses was carrying his Shepherds rod. Everything Moses was, his identity was now in that rod. His work, his influence, his income were all evident. He was a shepherd. God showed Moses all this was a snake in the grass. But when God changes who we are, he uses what we have become for his Glory. The rod was changed.

Box Sermon
Mallory placed a pokemon in the box. Sister Karren spoke on what cartoons we let our children watch. We need to judge what they are teaching through the children’s programs on TV.

Events in February
Sweet heart dinner at MCC at 5 pm on Saturday 18th, bring your favorite covered dish. Look for the sign up sheet at the church!
Men’s meeting Saturday 18th at 10 am at MCC.
Women’s meeting 25th at 1 pm. Ladies it is time to renew your Women’s membership. The fee is $3.00, please see Sister Karren.
Prayer request forms will be available in the fellowship hall. Please fill these out for the intercessory prayer team which meets on Wednesdays.
Thanks to everyone who made cookies for Hospice. Your support in this project was great. Thank you Cassandra for handling this project.