Tuesday Momentum-01-24-12

Our New Fellowship hall!

Bishop ministered on the topic of “What if Christians wore labels!” He illustrated it with a bottle of Apple Juice from the store. After reading the label on the back of the bottle, he showed that there was very little pure apple juice, that most of the ingredients were different names for sugar. The label actually showed that there was 5 different kinds of sugar and a small amount of juice concentrate. He asked, the congregation what if you wore a label, where would Jesus be on the label?
Following the sermon was a miracle service, with prayer for those who wanted prayer.

Box Sermon
Logan placed Melaleuca salve in the box. Sister Karren stated that the salve was for healing cuts and wounds. She stated that we can come to Jesus with all the issues in our life. He has the healing balm for all our needs.

Events in February.
Sweet heart dinner at MCC at 5 pm on Saturday 18th, bring your favorite covered dish. Look for the sign up sheet at the church!
Men’s meeting Saturday 18th at 10 am.
Women’s meeting 25th at 1 pm