Tuesday Momentum-01-10-12

Pastor and Bro. William Plowden traveled to Brooklyn and the Bronx, to minister this past week
Bishop prayed for aprox. 300 people in the morning service.

In the MCC morning service Apostle RC ministered on the “Blessing of the Lord in your Life!” He quoted Deut. 28:1-15 from memory and then ministered on the prosperity of the Lord in the life of the believer.
In the evening service Evangelist Mike Criss ministered on the topic of “The way, the truth and the life!”

Box Sermon
Joey placed a feather duster in the box. Sister Karren had a lot of fun with the feather duster. She talked about how things accumulate in our lives, just like dust and we need to constantly clean these things out of our lives.

On Sunday morning January 22nd the day after our 21 day fast we will having a miracle service . So be praying for a great move of God.
Baby shower for Jessica this Saturday, January 14that 1pm. If you can’t be there please bring your gift on Sunday. Thank You. The baby is a boy! IDEAS: Diapers, Bottles, 3-6 month clothes, bathing supplies. RSVP Megan