Tuesday Momentum - Revival in Cuyahoga

October 4, 2011
Revival in Cuyahoga Falls is going wonderful. God has been ministering in an amazing way each night. The Gifts of the Spirit are moving each service. Tonight 17 were baptized in the Holy Ghost and many were refilled and ministered too. Bro. Rc Coyle willl be speaking tomorrow night. Bishop

October 6, 2011
Bro. RC Coyle shared his testimony last night and it was a time of seeing many come to an understanding of sins hidden in their lives. Bishop

October 8, 2011
In the above picture Bishop Farley is teaching on doing spiritual warfare from the third heaven, seated in Christ Jesus. Bro. RC is helping to illustrate how most Christians face Satan. They see him as strong and above them in the second heavens.
In this Picture the devil is faced on our level. These kind of battles continue to go on and on, when one is finished another on begins. So these are two views of spiritual warfare.

The truth is we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus and Satan is under our feet. His domain is in the second heaven. He is disarmed and under our spirits which are in Christ Jesus in Heavenly places.