Tuesday Momentum 11-22-11

Elder Terry’s New York Adventure With Bishop!

The New York Sky Line behind Terry
Terry at the Hudson River
Terry at our church on Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn
Terry and Pastor Small
Terry on Sterling St, Brooklyn in front of Church

Bro. RC Spoke on “Tearing down the walls of Jericho’s in our lives.” He shared how our first conquest, our first major obstacle . Jericho is the gate keeper of our promised land. God had to be one hundred percent in this.
First, Are you having problems with obstacles. Secondly How do you know you are hearing from God? How do you move forward? God sent the pre-incarnate Christ to meet Joshua. If you have a big obstacle God will come himself.
Sister Melody Choiniere filled in on the box sermon. A Car Remote was placed in the box. Sister Melody spoke on how we turn off our parents and how we need to turn off the world and turn on God.
Bro. Mike Criss spoke on “Going above the knots” He illustrated on how in the Army you climb a rope with knots. But we need to plan on going above the knots with life, We need to get to the place where God reaches down and helps up go higher.