Tuesday Momentum 11-07-11

Continue to pray for Bro. McClung, as he prepares for his trip home to see the Lord.  A Special thank you goes to Felicia, Christy, Nathan, Karissa, Tara, Jobie and Jerry for being so helpful and caring for their grandfather and their mother.

Morning service was wonderful. It was great to see so many attending worship this week. Bishop ministered on the love of God and how none of us deserve such love. None of us deserve to be called his Holy and beloved! He told us to think of where you were and what God has brought you into. This will let you know how much you are loved.
Bro. Mike, Duane and Ed ministered together in song! They did a great job, the spirit fell as they ministered in song!

Box Sermon
Sister Karren is still ministering to her father, so Bishop Farley preached the box sermon. Kade Farley placed a crossbow dart gun in the box. Bishop shared how God used Jesus as his arrow to defeat the devil and that they can use the name of Jesus to chase away all the scary things away from under their beds.