Tuesday Momentum 10-18-11

Bishop ministered on the topic of the “Law of Reciprocity!” This law in the word of God is that you take the first step and God reciprocates. The word of God says “Give and it will be given unto you…” This shows us that the first move is ours and then God’s. The beatitudes show the same principle. Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy, etc.
If you are just standing still waiting, it may be because God is waiting on you to take the step of faith, so He can bless it.
Pastor and Sister Dance ministered a wonderful song in the morning service.

Box Sermon 
Gage Farley placed a tooth brush holder in the box. Sister Karren began by talking about how we can have stressful days. But what we should do is smile! Then she asked the children how many had brushed their teeth that morning, so that they could ministered to others with their smiles.
Pray for Sister Karren’s Dad he is not doing well. He has taken a turn for the worst. He cannot walk without assistance or eat without help today.

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