Tuesday Momentum 11-14-11

Bishop ministered on Eccl. 6:1-12 on Life without God! Everything we try to satisfy our soul with fails. Money, Children, and Long life. The only way to fulfill your destiny is with God in your life.

Sister Melody ministered her first sermon before the church on Sunday night. She ministered on how serving God is like a football game. That every yard to make forward is important . We have to hold the ground we have taken and fight for more. It’s that way in Jesus. Continue to fight forward and don’t let the enemy drive you back from the place you have achieved in your Christian walk.

Bishop had a picture taken Sunday morning to prove to sister Karren that all the men on the worship team showed up in suits.

Bro. Mike Criss sang a special with Pastor Ed and Duane accompanying him.

Have you tuned in to our Radio Broadcast on 740 WRNR am station, on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am. It’s called THE APOSTLES CALL!”  This past week Bro. Nathan Farley and Pastor Dance joined Randy and Rick on the Radio broadcast. Make sure you tune in next week to hear what they discuss.