Tuesday Momentum 09-07-11

There will be a Ladies Luncheon this Saturday at 1 PM, at the Empire China restaurant, at 535 Winchester Ave, Martinsburg, WV. Please call Sister Karren by Friday if you can come.
Randall Colye with his new book!
Presenting book to Bishop Farley   
Sunday during the testimony time, Bro. RC Coyle presented his new book “Then Came Grace” to Bishop Farley. Bro. RC has been working on this book for a number of years and it arrived from the publisher just last week. Then Came Grace is a Christian fiction about a man who finally came to the end of himself. There will be a book signing at the Christian Center on September 24, 2011 at 4 pm.
Bishop Farley spoke on the subject of your ministry to yourself! He showed how God wanted to develop our faith, perseverance, and obedience. Then we need to look at others as God sees them. Using Ezekiel’s experience with the loss of his wife to show how God has pain over those He has lost to the enemy and then going to the book of Hosea to show how God feels about those who walk away from His love and His forgiveness in bringing them back to Himself. 

Box Sermon
Tori placed a school bus in the box . Bishop Farley asked the children if they knew that Jesus road on the school bus every day with them.
Bro. McClung was taken out of service and taken to the emergency room at City Hospital, with symptoms of a heart attack. After testing and two days in the hospital, the doctors have said that it had to do with his digestive system and not his heart. Sister Karren wants to thank everyone for their help and prayers.