Tuesday Momentum 08-31-11

The morning service was awesome. The worship team was amazing. Bishop Farley ministered from 2 Kings 6:1, “The Lost Ax Head”. He illustrated the message with an Ax with it’s head and another ax handle without a head. He showed how the ax with its head cut into the wood. The he beat the wood with the other ax handle. He said the young prophet had lost his cutting edge. Now no matter how much you beat the tree with the handle you get no results. Many have lost the power in their lives and are still going through all the motions. The young man said, alas it was borrowed. Because the power is not ours but belongs to God. He knew where he had lost it. Do you know where you lost your zeal and productivity for God. You need a stick to make it float. You need to return to the cross and repent and ask God to restore His power into your life, so you can again be productive for the kingdom. God ministered in a great way at the alter call, as Bishop ministered to those who wanted prayer.

Box Sermon
Since school has begun, the box sermon has been revived from it’s vacation. The youth were happy and excited. Joey placed a large dice in the box. Ms. Karren then preached on gambling and taking chances. She shared with the children the importance of praying for their parents and Grandparents. Even as children they know when they do something wrong. All they need to do is ask God to help them.