Tuesday Momentum 08-15-11

Meggan Miller ran a church yardsale out front this past Saturday. They did a great job. We want to thank Meggan and all those that helped with the sale. Christy Varner helped to price the merchandise with Meggan on Friday evening. Bro. Mike Chris and his friends conducted a free gospel concert and cooked hot dogs on the grill. There were others who helped on Saturday, so thank you for such a community labor.

This week Bishop and Sister Karren were out of town. Pastor Ed Dance and RC Coyle took care of the morning service, with Pastor Dance bringing the word of God.  Bro. RC Coyle ministered the word of God in the evening service.
RC Taking Up The Offering
Pastor Ed Dance ministering the word on Sunday.
 A special thank you to Meggan for taking these pictures for the Momentum.
Pastor Ed Dance called and left a message on my cell phone about Sunday services. He said that three visitors from the yard sale had come to church. He stated that 2 of them came forward and accepted Jesus as their Savior. This is awesome news! Who would have thought that a yard sale could be a great tool of evangelism.
So this is a note to tell all of you thank you for your labor.
Those that took the time to bring in materials for sale.
Those that priced all the material.
Those that helped to setup and sell.
Those that sang.
Those that helped to put things away afterward.
The one that preached the gospel.
All of you were evangelists that had a part in the souls that came to Jesus.
Who knew that you were laboring for souls last Saturday, LETS DO IT AGAIN!