Tuesday Momentum 06-07-11


Bishop Farley ministered on “The Palm Trees of Elim”. He began by talking about how the word of God is bitter to those that have never visited the cross and accepted Jesus Christ. Very few like to hear the word or read the word before they are saved, because it is bitter. But when Moses put the tree in the water it became sweet. It was after this that things changed and God brought them to Elim. Elim was a place of twelve fountains and 70 palm trees. Bishop explained what the number of fountains represented and the number of the palm trees. You should ask for the CD if you missed Sunday.
The Sunday evening service was conducted at the band shell in War Memorial Park. It truly was a great time. The worship team did a good job and Bro. Randy Coyle did an amazing job of sharing and preaching the word. You can see the excitement from the pictures.  A great big thank you goes out to all those that works diligently to make this happen efficiently and effectively!
Praise & Worship Team
Bro. Randall Coyle