Tuesday Momentum 05-03-11


Bishop Farley accepting the office of Bishop for another term. Bishop Farley received 48 out of 49 votes. 
Our Women’s Director, Rev. Karren Farley was introduced by our National Women’s Ministry Director, Rev. Janice Scott.
Bishop Farley ministered on “To Climb Higher You Must Dig Deeper!” The Empire State Building in New York City is one hundred and three stories, that is twelve hundred and fifty feet, or nearly a quarter mile, straight up from the street. It weighs 303,000 tons. However what you don’t see, is what is below the sidewalk. The foundation reaches down thirty-three feet and rests on stratum granite, the firmest foundation in the world.

If you want to go high in God and ministry, then you must dig a firm deep foundation. One that cannot be shaken! There is a certain pine tree that grows 5 ft a year. Many people use it to supply privacy to their homes. It can grow over 20ft in just four years. However every year you have to go out and cut off one ft from the top. This is so that the root system has time to catch up with the tree. If you don’t do this then when a big wind comes the tree will fall. Why, because it is tall but has no foundation in the ground.
Pastor Dance sang in the morning service and
Mike Criss accompanied him on the lead guitar.
This was also communion Sunday and Elder White
and Elder Henderson served the congregation
Our Church and God Won Ministries International Inc., is hosting a new Radio Broadcast on 740 WRNR Am station, on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am. It’s called THE APOSTLES CALL!”