Tuesday Momentum 04-05-11

TUESDAY MOMENTUM! April 5, 2011 
The Pastor and Family celebrated Dwight McClungs 88th birthday, on Thursday the 7th at the Outback Restaurant.
Bishop was in Paterson NJ again this week for the ground breaking ceremony of the Paterson Church. They are beginning a 2 million dollar project, taking down there current building and building a new one.
The picture is half their Sunday morning crowd.
Bishop Farley is the one in tan slacks
Bro. Randall Coyle spoke on the ROOT OF FEAR IS CONDEMNATION!  He illustrated his message by taking a plant and removing flowers and leaves, but showed that the root was still there. We must let Jesus free us from our condemnation. RC was facing 950 years in prison, but walked out after 10 years. He asked God to set him free from judgment. The root of condemnation is judgment. God will bring forth a new plant(a new you) that is vibrant.
What ever your sin has been, Porn, Sickness, Stress, Anxiety, fear, Marital disharmony, Selfishness, Doubt, Envy, Divorce, Poverty, Alcohol etc. Let Jesus free you from the condemnation.
Elder Terry White spoke Sunday evening on “Jesus Gives us Peace!”  We sometimes set our standards to high. We need to realize that we are imperfect man. God takes those roots away that RC talked about in the morning message. Jesus Christ’s mission was to save and He wants to save the world. God has a plan for your life. In this time we are living we cannot live in fear, as we see wars and rumors of wars, and the other signs of the end times closing in. We must look to Jesus for change in our lives. We must be prepared to help others, because the world does not know how to change! They live in fear.