Tuesday Momentum 03-29-11

TUESDAY MOMENTUM! March 29, 2011
Friday and Saturday, Bishop and Brother Duane traveled to Paterson NJ, after the Friday School of Ministry to attend the District Youth Talent Contest. They had a great trip and returned fired up for Sunday’s services. Our District Youth were awesome and many are headed to nationals.

This week Bishop ministered on 2 Timothy 4. That the apostle Paul stated three things about his life. He had wrestled a wrestled. It is interesting to note that Paul speaks of wrestling instead of boxing. Because in order to wrestled with the enemy you have to get up close and personal, to try and pin your opponent. He also spoke of finishing his leg of the race. The Greek implies that this is a relay race and everyone has there part and must past the baton.

Here are some pictures from before service, at one of our recent Sundays:

If you need a hug come on out this Sunday!  Everyone would love to see you.