Tuesday Momentum 02-15-2011

TUESDAY MOMENTUM February 15, 2011


Once again we had a great worship service.  The worship team with Bro. Ed, Sis. Margaret & Sis Debbie were again joined with Bro. Duane on guitar & Bro. Mike on base.  
Its Praise Time
Bro. Ed & Sis. Margaret sang a beautiful song before offering time. 
Bro. Cohee sang In the Midst of the Storm before his sermon
Bro. Cohee ministered on "There is Power in the Word" from John 1:1-4, 14
As we look at these scriptures, we can see that God is referring to Jesus Christ as the Word. Keep God’s Word in your mouth.  Meditate on God’s Word day and night. Be careful to do all that is in God’s Word. Anytime you’re going through a storm, it’s the Word that will hold you together. You can depend on the Word when everyone else walks away.The Word will bring you out of trouble.
The Bible says that this world was assembled by the Word of God.  God said, “Let there be light and there was light.” When God spoke the Word out of His mouth, it did not come back void.  The reason you have to get the Word in your heart…The Word will hold your family together. The Word will hold your life together.


Joey place a remote in the box and Bro. Randy ministered to the children about the remote of our tongue to say nice things about each other and not hurtful things.



Bro. Dance ministered on "Pleasing (God) The Lord" from 1st Thessalonians 3:3-8. Paul was concerned that the faith of the church in Thessalonica was growing weak, but their faith was proved to be strong, in getting them through their toughest situations. We as a church must step out of our comfort zone to see the miraculous (provisions) things of God come to pass. To encourage and build one another up in the faith. Faith brings a person to Jesus for salvation. Consecration brings a person closer to Jesus sanctification. We must please him (God) first in every situation.


Bishop & Karren had a great Sunday morning visiting with friends Pastor James & Janell Richter. They spoke at Pastor Richter's church Evangel Temple in Atlanta Georgia, they had a great time of fellowship and rejoicing together in the presence of God.