Tuesday Momentum 02-01-2011

TUESDAY MOMENTUM! February 01, 2011

Worship was truly awesome Sunday Morning; there was a mighty presence of the Lord. 

Bishop Farley ministered on Affair Proof Your Marriage Philippians 2: 1-5 
Your Love of God equals your relationship with others.
Don’t compare your marriage with other marriage (friends, family, etc.)  There are no prefect marriages but progressive. Psalm 119:51 Does your marriage measure up to God’s Word? Don’t entrap yourself- set boundaries with friends and don’t let your children, family or friends cross the line. Don’t share your problems with the opposite sex.  Don’t share your emotional needs with the opposite the sex, be cautious of what you share. Don’t focus on your mate’s weakness, be forgiving and forgetting.
Be sensitive to your mate’s emotional needs.  Disappointment equals frustration.  Take time to listen to your mate.  The man will give an account of his marriage to God.  Keep Jesus in the relationship.  The wife is the husband’s glory. Men that are married live 10-15 years longer than an unmarried man.  Invest in your marriage and take time to cultivate it, take time to compliment. Dying to yourself Ephesians 5:25 “Love your wife as Christ Loved the Church”
Bishop Rick & Karren Farley
Bishop Rick & Karren are celebrating there 41st Wedding Anniversary February 1, 2011. Please keep them in your prayers for traveling as they are attending the PCG Bishop’s Conference in Tampa, Florida. Here’s a message from Bishop as they travel: “Hi everyone, Karren and I are at a Sleep Inn in Charlotte NC. There is no pictures on the momentum this time because my lap top will not up load them. So here is a short message. We had a great time Sunday morning and night. God really came down and filled the house in the evening service. We love you all, be blessed.
Worship Team