Bishop Is Back 02-18-2011

Welcome Home Bishop Farley & Happy Birthday!
It has been interesting for Karren and I these past 2 weeks. I want to thank Sister Cohee for posting the Momentum at the site for everyone to visit.
Karren and I attended the Bishops training conference in Tampa and then traveled to Panama City for our Anniversary. Then we traveled by way of Atlanta GA on our way home and stopped to preach Sunday for the former Bishop of Georgia, Rev. James Richter. Some of you may remember him coming to our church and teaching on Personality types.
We are home now and looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday morning.

This was taken at the Bishop's Conference.
Can you find Bishop & Karren?

At Pastor Richter's Church.
This was Bishop Farley's Birthday at Viva Mexico in Inwood, yesterday. Does he look Mexican in his hat? ha ha

See you Sunday!