Tuesday Momentum 01-11-11

TUESDAY MOMENTUM!  January 11, 2011

Ladies, please email or call and let us know if Saturday’s at 2 pm, one time a month would be a good time for a ladies Bible study, starting in February?

If Adam and Eve had not eaten the fruit in the Garden, would there be sin?
Yes, because Lucifer had already brought sin into the universe, before Adam and Eve.
Bishop Farley & Rev. Tom Cohee laying on hands in
the ordination of Rev. Paul Buracker
Rev. Tom Cohee reading a scripture
during the ordination service.
Bishop Farley and Rev. Cohee were asked to attend the Ordination ceremony for Rev. Paul Buracker at 5 pm this Sunday. Rev. Cohee ministered the word that evening at their church service.

Bishop Farley began his series on Relationships Sunday. His first topic was the Love of God. He stated in order to have a good relationship with others and in marriage you must first have a proper relationship with God the Father.
Gods love:
God is everlasting so His Love is everlasting, God is immutable, so His love will never change toward you. You cannot earn more love. God is not human, so God’s love is not human and is not based on performance. When we learn to let God’s love into our relationships they will not fail.

Box Sermon
KJ placed a dinosaur in the box Sunday. All I can say is you should have been here for this one!
Pastor Karren and The Box Sermon

Don’t forget tonight (Tuesday) at 7 pm is prayer meeting at the Pastors home!
Pray for Sister Henderson, her brother Donny passed Sunday afternoon.

Devotion for Fasting