Tuesday Momentum 01-04-11

TUESDAY MOMENTUM! January 4, 2011

We had a beautiful Candle light service on December 31st to welcome in the New Year with Jesus. The testimonies and fellowship were wonderful.

Ladies, please email or call and let us know if Saturday’s at 2 pm, one time a month would be a good time for a ladies Bible study, starting in February?

I was asked this Sunday what the BC and AD stood for in time and history?
BC means Before Christ and AD stands for Anno Domini, which is Latin for "year of our Lord," and it means the number of years since the time of Jesus Christ. If you have any questions send them by Email or give me a note at church and we will try to answer them and post them in the Momentum.


This week Bishop spoke on the topic of the number 11 in the Bible. Stating that the first reference is when Jacob was crossing the stream with his family and he had 11 sons. It was here that he wrestled with God and received the revelation of who he was in God’s eyes, a Prince with God!
It was his eleventh son, Joseph who received revelation by dream of their future. The book of revelations is the 22nd book in the New Testament or 2 x 11. Also in the book of Exodus Moses was told to make a covering for the Tabernacle out of Goats skins, they were to be sewn together into 11 curtains and then attached with Brass hooks, five were to be on one side and six on the other. Five is the number for grace and six is the number for man. The skins were died red representing the sacrifice and blood of Jesus.
He stated that “2011 with be a year of grace shown unto God’s Church and that it will be a year of God revealing Himself to those who seek Him.

Bishop Farley
Box Sermon
Tory placed drumsticks in the box. MS. Karren ministered on how everyone has a talent and that we should seek God on how to use it to serve Him. Karren said that the Church need’s help in several areas. Are you willing to help? See Pastor!

Pastor Karren & Tory

Please bring any sleeping bags or blankets, socks, coats to the church, for the homeless. They are sleeping in tents and caves, in numerous areas around Martinsburg. Bro. David Ross and his family, has a ministry that feeds and supplies these items to them. He finds them and takes the items to them.

Don’t forget tonight (Tuesday) at 7 pm is prayer meeting at the Pastors home!